Pre-School Programmes

Aisling has developed a successful pre-schools programme, running Sing and Smile with Aisling in several of creches and childcare facilities. For more information or to arrange a taster class, contact Aisling at

"The children in our two rooms absolutely love Sing and Smile with Aisling and all engage so well with her. They are very excited on Tuesdays when they know she is coming in. Aisling does a variety of songs, with actions and movements which helps all of the children to get the most out of it. We have noticed children coming out of their shells a lot with the sessions as they all love to take part. Aisling makes it lots of fun and the teachers and children love to be involved. She has a fantastic rapport with the children and we would highly recommend her sessions to anyone considering adding this to their service."

Audrey Fitzpatrick, Forever Friends, Ratoath